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Covid-19 Mobile Tracker

WeCare smartphone app gives users the real-time health status of people nearby enhancing the social distancing rate and consequently reducing the chances of community infection.

Introducing WeCare

WeCare is a smartphone app where small entities gather together to contribute information ANONYMOUSLY. Users see surrounding people and their health status ON A MAP in real time. Therefore, it REMINDS people to keep a good social distance. It is based on individual volunteer updates as to their health status. It fully respects USER PRIVACY. Users NEED NOT REVEAL any personal information or even their email. 

How does it work

WeCare is a smartphone app running on both Android and iPhones. The app displays a Map showing the position of surrounding people and health indicators. There are 4 levels of Covid19 infection: 

  • LEVEL 1 - exposed to someone who tested positive, 
  • LEVEL 2 - who have symptoms (fever, upper respiratory infection)
  • LEVEL 3 - have tested positive for COVID-19. 
  • LEVLE 4 - people who have antibodies to the COVID-19

Based on this information, a user may decide what location is is best for social distancing. A User inputs their health status (on a scale of level 1 to level 4) voluntarily with minimum or no personal information. Nothing more than an email is needed to start using this app .... No cellphone number, no name, no address.  

Users may create a Group or join other Groups. A group could be a group of users who share the same interest. For example, Group A may be a company, a community or a group of families. Members in the Group can see as much or as little personal information as is volunteered by other group members. Members can send private encrypted messages to the Group and give information or items to others.